Sales Consultant – UPS




  Achievement of allocated sales targets by identifying, verifying and developing opportunities for all of the companies power solutions to various market segments through direct and indirect customers. Develop and maintain relations with consultants and other specification influencers. Collaborate with estimating and product management teams to ensure that technically correct, accurate and quality quotes and tenders are submitted, tracked and commitment gained to win the opportunities.




A.    Identify and develop sales opportunities for the companies products and solutions in the target market segments through proactive planned sales activities, offering the customers the best solutions for the uncovered needs, issues or opportunities.

B.    Develop and maintain a relationship with consultants and product specifies indirect or direct to ensure the company is the preferred supplier on relevant projects and tenders.

C.    Continuously planning, reporting and executing a sales strategy captured in the CRM system leads.  Your strategy will focus on new customers in various segments existing and old while reactively handling and reporting on customer demands and requests on a daily basis.

D.    Assist with market analysis, surveys and information required to grow and develop the business and personal strategies, customer satisfaction and market trends.

E.    Create opportunities for and assist with shows, promotions and launches as per own goals and when required by the company.

F.    Forecast expected month end invoiced sales and pipeline orders for future business and record all of this in a CRM system.

G.   Keep record of all sales activities and customer data in the same CRM system and write reports when required.

H.    Develop and maintain a good knowledge of secure power products (UPS/Generators/and so on) and data centre infrastructure through reading suppliers documents, white papers, presentations and learning through questions with the product managers both internal and suppliers.

I.      Develop and maintain a good knowledge of the application of the above products and selecting the best options to resolve the customer’s needs by remaining involved in the technical selection done by support team to be able to sell these solutions in the offers back to the customers.

J.     Develop and maintain good company knowledge on capabilities within departments, history, size, project successes and so on to talk confidently with all levels of customers selling the company and its capabilities.

K.    Ability and experience in preparing of tenders and proposals to customers, understanding of the different tender processes and managing tender clarification meetings and negotiations to improve the companies chances of success.

L.     Good knowledge of commercial terms and conditions and the ability to manage the companies risks in the negotiation of these terms and conditions.

M.   Ability to prepare and present presentations on company, products and solutions for large customer audiences as and when requested.

  1. Collect competitive intelligence, understand competitor capabilities, value propositions and pricing strategies to improve the companies competitive advantage that align with the customers’ business needs.

O.   Take initiative and demonstrate a sense of urgency in driving for sales results. Act on sales opportunities and track own performance to targets.

P.    Due to the nature of products and solutions we supply, be available 365/24/7 for the customers on the company tools or personal tools the company pays for.  Customer experience is the sales consultant’s responsibility and timely response to calls, SMSs and e-mail are vital.  The sales team owns the customer experience and need to remain engaged with the customer even after the sale throughout the implementation process to ensure strong communication and customer satisfaction.

Q.   Take ownership of personal development by attend training when required to develop knowledge and skills on various topics.  Take the training received and implement into daily sales activities and share acquired knowledge with the rest of the sales team through presentation before or after sales meetings.





  • Knowledge of uninterruptible power supplies, generators and data centres, selecting and sizing systems.
  • Must be comfortable speaking and presenting to large audiences as well as writing professional business letters and e-mails.
  • Must have good listening skills and questioning techniques to get all the required info to identify and verify the customer’s needs and find the best options to meet the needs.
  • B-Tech or National diploma in electrical/mechanical engineering or similar qualification relevant to products and applications required to sell.
  • Experience in proven sales methodology and negotiation techniques to manage the sales process from planning to verification, development, proposals, negotiations, closing, implementation and customer relations after the sale for repeat business.
  • Skilled in adapting communication techniques to specific customers personalities and frame of mind to manage calm and heated situations, ask open and probing questions, paraphrase to clarify understanding and articulate oneself.  (Gentle on people but firm on stance)




·       Valid driver’s license and own transport

·       Must be willing to travel and have a valid passport

·       Self-motivated with the ability to use initiative and operate with minimal supervision

·       Although formal training will be given, aptitude to learn and ask questions without formal training, we not looking for someone who needs to learn everything from scratch and who can’t perform until they have had formal training.

·       Fluency in written and spoken English and must be able to communicate in Afrikaans.

·       This job will from time to time require entertainment of customers outside of business hours and it is expected that all sales people will be involved in these activities.

·       Not get involved in any unethical business practices.


Team culture / dynamics:

·       Self-motivated and independent, helpful and supportive, competitive for opportunities.

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