Head of Workshop


Purpose of the Role : To ensure workshop team delivers high level quality service, on time delivery of service vehicles in order to ensure maximum vehicles are on road, getting growth achieving  revenue targets.
Minimum Requirements  
Education: A diploma in Automotive engineering/mechanical engineering
Relevant Previous Experience: 7 years of experience in workshop department of a transport company and at least 3 years of experience as a manager
Business Understanding: Should understand:

1)     Maintaining vehicles to comply with the traffic act CAP 243.

2)     To ensure that the stores meets the workshop requirements by having adequate stock level

3)     Managing a team of skilled labor workforce of at least 50people

4)     General maintenance of vehicles and maintenance costs

Knowledge: Functional Skills:

1)     Should be able to use the latest diagnostics equipment

2)     Should be able to read technical bulletins and interpret to the workshop team.

3)     Should be able to analyze data and make decisions based on that.

4)     Predictive techniques

Generic Skills:

1)     Proficiency in MS Office tools- word, excel and power point

2)     Reading of Technical Manuals

3)     Data Analysis

Behavioral Skills: 1)     Good communication skills

2)     Delegation and control

3)     Planning and Organization

4)     People Management

Critical Non-Negotiable attributes 5 years’ experience as a Workshop Manager

Must have worked on heavy vehicles in a busy workshop managing not less than 100 vehicles

Advanced technology experience for buses would be added advantage

Reporting Manager

(the role this position reports to)

Managing Director

(roles that report into this position)

1)     Electricians (4)

2)     Mechanics (8)

3)     Panel Beaters (4)

4)     Pump Attendant (1)

5)     Stores Supervisor (1)

6)     Tyre Supervisor (1)

7)     Tyre Man (1)

8)     Diesel Supervisor (1)

9)     Workshop Supervisor (1)

10)  Panel Beating Supervisor (1)

Key Responsibilities 1)     Responsible for job allocation and job flow in the workshop including job scheduling and labour allocation for day to day operations while providing them with instructions and directions and

2)     Co-ordinate resources, (operational and human) schedules and activities to effectively manage jobs

3)     Receive and review feedback from internal customers (Bus, Truck and Courier teams) and follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.

4)     Work with the procurement team to investigate internal customer complaints and concerns arising from fleet maintenance and suggest appropriate solutions.

5)     Perform, monitor and report the quality checks on spares purchased and used

6)     Ensure that necessary tools and consumables are in stock,  workshop is kept tidy and the equipment and tools are in good condition

7)     Maintain health and safety standards to provide a safe working environment

8)     Ensure the time based maintenance schedule and preventive maintenance schedule is in place and with proper records and adhered to, monitor discrepancies

9)     Ensure analysis is done for breakdowns and counter measures are put in place and communicated to the relevant departments and employees.

10)   Provide training, mentoring and supervision to ensure high performance and skill upgrade.

11)  Monitor and report maintenance cost for the fleet, Controlling and monitoring the data on tyres, fuel, and spare parts of the fleet.

12)  Ensure immediate response in shortest time possible during breakdowns/accidents/incidents.

13)  Ensure all vehicles leaving the workshop are road ready as per the check list.

14)  Develop and implement systems to record, file and store information pertaining to workshop activities.

Typical Tasks (indicative but not exhaustive)


1)     Check a minimum of 3 vehicles leaving the workshop every day

2)     Floor walks to check workers wear and use the  protective equipment

3)     On floor supervision of the mechanics

4)     Coordinate with stores on spares supply daily

5)     Check defect reports for busses and accordingly allocate mechanics for the jobs

6)     Request spares as per verified defect reports

7)     Avail buses in road ready condition as per the departure time

8)     Regularly report progress on each job card and timely communicate delays or concerns to the concerned business heads.

9)     Ensure that work order as per the job card is carried out with in the time period as per the job card, monitor delays and put corrective actions in place

10)  Set goals for team on time, aligned to business objectives

11)  Provide on the job mentoring and Identify training programs & developmental interventions to enable higher performance.

12)  Conduct regular performance reviews and give timely feedback.

13)  Connect and engage with team for higher motivation and retention.

14)  Discuss career aspirations and provide opportunities for growth

Typical Goals (Top 5) 1)critical parameters in quality control checklist to be 100% with effect from June 2018

2)less than 5% breakdowns break downs by December 2018

3)all internal components to be working by 30th October 2018

Typical Reports to be submitted

(mention frequency and to whom)

1)     Fuel Consumption Report for every vehicle in the fleet to Fuel Manager and MD everyday by 9:00 am

2)     Weekly Breakdown report with details of break down cause, action and preventive measures for future to respective business heads and MD, every Saturday

3)     Nairobi Stores Stock Report to Head of Finance and Mombasa Stores monthly 5th of every month.

4)     Vehicle Status Report, would capture the no of vehicles on work in progress status, and road ready status. While also capture, the no of days the vehicle has spent in the workshop being off road, and reasons for the same, sent to Bus Head, Trucks Head and Mombasa Workshop Head, Mombasa Stores and MD every Saturday.


Send cvs to grahamk@abantusa.co.za

Due to the amount of cvs received, should you not hear from us in 1 week then your application has been unsuccessful