Managing Director

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS Extensive – as required
REPORTS TO Executive Director
PORTFOLIO Responsible for managing the manufacturing a Division with management and financial responsibilities for the defined operations.
GENERAL CONDUCT To uphold the core ideology and values of the business through striving to conscientiously act with honesty and integrity.
  To ensure that the companies Code of Ethics is understood, supported and enforced across the area of responsibility.
  To maintain consistency in the way in which the portfolio is managed at the various levels in line the companies Code of Ethics
  To act in a manner that will in no way bring the business and its reputation into disrepute
OVERALL FUNCTION OF ROLE Strive to meet and exceed performance targets in the strategic areas of the business development through effective planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
BUSINESS GROWTH & OVERALL STRATEGY RESPONSIBILITIES Provide overall strategic direction to the business and its management team, to meet and exceed relevant performance targets.
  Develop short- and long-term business strategies with measurable implementation plans, which outline key strategic objectives to meet and exceed performance targets.
  Development of a three to five-year strategy that focusses on overall business sustainability, considering relevant market factors and providing growth of sales and profitability.
  Develop a solid export strategy and implementation plan for growth into identified markets.
  Continuously monitor, evaluate and report on business activities to ensure we are not exposed to any financial, credit or political risks that could damage the Group or any of its Business units. Provide continuous feedback to the Executives.
  Proactively and strategically monitor and manage supplier relationships to ensure positive business continuity. Continuously seek new supplier opportunities to enhance our portfolio and results.
FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES Drive the portfolio to meet or exceed financial targets for net profit as specified by the annual budget.
  Ensure that the portfolio meets or exceeds the minimum prescribed gross profit margin as specified by the annual budget.
  Ensure that operating expenses are effectively and rigorously managed to remain below the prescribed maximum percentage to turnover as specified by the annual budget.
  Develop annual budgets for turnover, gross profit and unit sales that have been devised through utilizing historical data and a “bottom up” strategy to ensure all relevant factors have been considered.
  Appropriate monthly management, analysis and reporting on performance to annual budget & previous year’s figures.
  Carefully manage and maintain working capital to either meet or exceed RONTA targets as specified by the annual budget, enforcing compliance to the prescribed stock holding policy and to ensure maximum return on investment with efficient use of company capital.
  Apply stringent processes to debtors and creditors management.
SALES & MARKETING RESPONSIBILITIES Ongoing development & review of marketing and sales strategies, to ensure that the business will remain relevant and dominant within each respective target market. This strategy must include a digital platform plan.
  Ongoing analysis of the structure and effectiveness of the sales and marketing divisions to ensure that the business will remain customer centric and is able to deliver exceptional service.
  Facilitate the review & analysis of the business value proposition, with ongoing consideration to competitor activity and offerings, to ensure that the portfolio remains relevant and sustainable in the long term.
  In collaboration with Business Unit Directors ensure the development, implementation, measurement & review of sales strategies that is focused on maintaining and bolstering of contract business.
  Continuously run targeted campaigns to identify opportunities for increased market share on current product lines. This activity should include suitable competitor analysis regarding pricing, range and quality of parts and must explicitly avoid anti-competitive behaviour.
  Collaborate with the Business Units to ensure we achieve maximum growth from the market.
  With support and collaboration from the Business Unit Directors and portfolio Executives, develop and monitor a new business strategic plan that focusses on finding distribution network and or business.
  Develop and monitor a strategic current customer satisfaction plan that focusses on customer retention.
  Continuously facilitate the analysis of customer purchases to identify strategic accounts that require special attention. Plans to be put in place to address needs to foster relationships or stimulate sales.
  Ensure that obsolete stock is given the required attention to ensure stock will be reduced as far as possible.
OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY RESPONSIBILITIES Ongoing review and assessment of the overall portfolio structure to ensure that it is optimally organized.
  Devise & institute necessary policies, processes and systems to facilitate effective productivity and efficiency.
  Continuous review and assessment of all processes and systems, through fail point analysis sessions, to ensure that wherever possible all non-value adding activities and errors are eradicated.
  Ongoing review of policies to guarantee that these are in line with companies policies and are structured in a way that is still relevant to the portfolio.
  Facilitate compliance to the necessary Health and Safety, ISO & other relevant environmental safety regulations/standards across the portfolio.
  Establish an efficient and productive supply chain that ensures risk associated with factors including but not limited to shrinkage, outsourcing, logistics etc., are dealt with.
  Ensure that the lines of communication between the interconnecting departments are open and effective.
HUMAN RESOURCES RESPONSIBILITIES Development of an appropriate emergency and long-term succession plan for strategic positions, including risk analysis, gap analysis, knowledge transfer and implementation plan.
  Communication of KPI’s to all levels, ensuring that the performance review process is undertaken twice a year. Measures to be put in place to ensure that the performance review process is consistent, fair and ethical.
  Development of an appropriate structure to ensure the most effective management control of our operations.
  Develop and implement an appropriate talent management strategy to attract, retain and develop key talent.
  Enforce ethical recruitment practices, underpinned by the prescribed company BBB-EE mandate and the portfolio culture and values. Activities include but are not limited to vetting the recruitment process, signing off on relevant strategic positions and enforcing exit interviews.
  Build & mentor a robust management team, the members of which are suitably trained and developed, to strive for exceptional, consistent and ethical management of all employees, to warrant maximum productivity across the entire portfolio.
  Ensure that all necessary human resource policies are in place to deal with negative behaviour & that the code of conduct is adequately communicated and enforced where necessary.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RESPONSIBILITIES Keep control and manage company IT assets.
  Ensure that all software used within the portfolio is properly licensed.
  Ensure compliance to all relevant internal policies regarding information technology, including but not limited to the electronic communications policy etc.
MISSION, VISION, VALUES & PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS Ensure that the portfolio mission, vision and values are communicated, understood and embodied, driven by the executive management team.
  Formulate a personal development and implementation plan to ensure factors stipulated in the performance review process are maintained or improved upon where necessary.

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