Sales and Stores Assistant based in KZN (Hydraulics experience essential)


  • Stock control
  • Counter Sales
  • Credit returns
  • COD Sales
  • Receiving of Stock.
  • Picking of Spares
  • Despatch
  • Cycle Counts and Quarterly Stock Takes
  • General


  • Counter Sales (Counter, Telephonic, Facsimile and Email)
  • Assisting customers, visitors to company, identifying their requirements while maintaining a welcoming yet professional relationship.
  • To ensure the prompt answering of all telephonic sales orders as required.
  • Compiling of part sales quotations when required, ensuring that this is done timeously and professionally.
  • To ensure that orders received are processed, invoiced and despatched correctly.
  • To verify that the information or verbal order taken from the customer is correct and confirmed via email, SMS, or fax before processing.
  • To allocate a job number from the parts job book register to each individual counter sales order and to enter the information onto the Job Costing system.
  • To input parts required onto the job card accurately verifying details from confirmed order.
  • Responsible for the processing, issuing and allocation of requisitions to the stores when picking part sale.
  • Processing of invoices, ensuring all documentational requirements and company processes are adhered to as required.
  • Liaising with couriers as per customer’s requirements.
  • To expedite orders from the time they are placed until they have been delivered or collected.

Credit Returns

  • Responsible for the processing of the necessary documentation relating to parts returned by customers, and ensuring that they are returned to stock in the correct manner.
  • Prompt forwarding of all relevant paperwork to the company’s Debtors Clerks at Dosco Johannesburg for verification, capturing and processing.

COD Sales

  • Responsible to obtain confirmation of all COD Transactions from Dosco Johannesburg, ensuring that goods are not despatched until such time as receipt has been cleared and confirmed.
  • To ensure that money received (including cheques, EFT’s and Internet Payments) are documented in the electronic COD Sales Record File before daily submission thereof to the debtor’s clerk.
Receiving & Unpacking of Stock
  • All stock items will be inspected for any breakages or damages before acceptance.
  • Loads or stock items received shall be signed for and documents forwarded to the Procurement Clerk for capturing into the company’s ERP system.
  • All items accepted into the stores area shall be positively identified. Small parts shall be stored on shelves, clearly marked with their description or part number in an easy-to-locate manner.
  • Stock received shall be reflected on the applicable store bin card to maintain the actual quantities of product at the time of entry.
  • To ensure that all materials or units are stored in areas that will minimise the risk of abuse or accidental damage at the end of a working day.
  • To ensure that no materials or units are left in any passages or paths at the end of a working day.
Spares Picking & Packing
  • To draw all spares as per issued requisition, updating the applicable bin record cards on a day to day basis.
  • To check and verify that all spares together with quantities issued are correct according to the requisition, and that applicable spares are placed into a container that bears the appropriate job number, before continuing.
  • To ensure that goods upon completion are placed at the relevant demarcated area together with the invoice pending delivery or collection.


  • To ensure that all external collections and/or deliveries are received from the demarcated area in the stores department to manage and exercise access control to the store’s environment.
  • All orders are checked against the invoice for correct quantities and stock before delivering, or upon collection.
  • To ensure that the companies’ invoices is signed as acknowledgement of receipt of goods and forwarded through to Dosco Johannesburg on a weekly basis as proof of delivery and to be cleared off the system. The customer keeps the top copy.
  • To be available for afterhours sales and to ensure that during that all parcels have been delivered or collected before the end of the working day.

Cycle Counts and Quarterly Stock Takes

To conduct and assist the Procurement Director with scheduled stock takes and cycle counts as required, adhering to the detailed stock take procedure in place by the company to ensure all stock are accounted for.


  • Ensuring that a suitable image is maintained by adhering to the company’s dress code, in particular to Health and Safety.
  • Ensuring that all office machines and company laptops are in working order, reporting any discrepancies to person appointed for expediting repairs and maintenance on office equipment.
  • Ensuring that all filing is done on a day to day basis, maintaining an efficient, easy traceable filing system at all times.
  • Responsible for the performance of minor fixes, such as repairing broken locks
  • Daily maintenance of stores area to ensure that it is neat and clean.
  • Ensuring that stores are well monitored, secure and locked down on a daily basis to prevent any occurrence of theft

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