Financial Manager (JHB Based)

Our client is in the business of IT industrial solutions with its head office in the USA.

The Financial Manager ensures that the company’s finances are properly and conservatively managed, manages the accounting and stores & purchasing function, executes the payroll and ensures that the and that the company complies with applicable legislation.

The Financial manager has a team which at present comprises a Purchasing Clerk, a Debtors and Creditors Clerk, a Store Manager and a Driver.

The role is suited to someone with strong organizational skills and experience in working in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.

  • Highly financially literate
    • Excellent knowledge of South African company law
    • Excellent knowledge of South African tax law
    • Excellent knowledge of GAAP
  • Integrity
  • Accountable
  • Ability to plan effectively
  • Ability to deal with stressful environment
  • Ability to develop and manage business processes
  • Ability to manage staff
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to manage multiple issues at the same time
  • Sedna business knowledge
  • Report drafting experience
  • High level of computer literacy – MS Office, Sage Evolution

Financial control

  1. Treasury management
  2. Cash flow management
  3. Daily banking
  4. Budgeting

Managing the bookkeeping function

Liaising with external advisors, auditors


  1. Monthly management accounts pack
  2. Project close out financial reporting
  3. Ad hoc cash flow reporting
  4. Ad hoc financial reporting
  5. Interpreting financial information and reports with the view to reduce expenditure and increase efficiencies

Cash flow management and forecasting


  1. Annual financial audit
  2. Payroll taxes
  3. VAT
  4. Income tax
  5. STC
  6. CIPEX annual return
  7. Company secretarial management
  8. Maintenance of company financial records
  9. BEE audits
  10. Reserve bank compliance

Price lists

  1. Maintenance of price list and margins
  2. Annual Updating of cost prices
  3. Ad hoc updating of cost prices (exchange rate)


  1. Maintaining Sedna purchasing policy
  2. Obtaining supplier quotes and executing authorised purchases
  3. Expediting orders and reporting on orders status
  4. Importing
  5. Supplier reconciliations
  6. Maintaining supplier accounts

Stock control

  1. Physical control of store room
  2. Issuing and receiving stock
  3. Monthly stock count
  4. Preparation of variance reports


  1. Invoicing – ad hoc and reoccurring
  2. Maintaining list of customer contracts and expiry dates
  3. Follow up of customer invoices due
  4. Customer reconciliations

Payroll (Financial Manager processes the payroll)

  1. Monthly payroll
  2. Maintenance of payroll records
  3. Assisting employees with personal tax

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