Hydraulics Technician (testing & repairs)based in JHB

Responsible to  install, repair and maintain hydraulic equipment and machinery, such as lifts, cranes and forklifts. Ensuring hydraulic systems function properly in recommended environments

  • Install, maintain and repair hydraulic systems
  • Read blueprints while diagnosing problems
  • Perform preventative maintenance of hydraulic systems
  • Perform welding, metal fabrication and electrical assembly
  • Provide drawing review and suggestions related to part inspection and testing
  • Use computers to investigate and repair hydraulic equipment
  • Reassemble machines and equipment
  • Read dials and meters to analyze parts performance
  • Operate machines to modify parts tested or to fabricate experimental parts for testing


  • Qualified Turner and fitter or Mechanical engineer
  • Must have min 3 years hydraulics experience


  • Responsible for the booking in of all new jobs
  • To ensure that all hydraulic components are identified and tagged according to the inhouse system
  • Working in various areas of the workshop from stripping, repairs and quotes
  • The expediting of all awaiting go-aheads at regular intervals.
  • To adhere to all reasonable and lawful instructions given by the Workshop Manager
  • To comply to the various rules and procedures of the Company, which are fair, just and equitable for all employees.

PLEASE SEND CVS TO grahamk@abantusa.co.za