Sales Director Retail and Distribution (industrial Engineering)

Minimal experience: 

  • Marketing and/or engineering degree (mechanical pref)
  • Industrial Engineering background
  • Strong distribution and retail experience


  • Strive to meet or exceed performance targets in the strategic areas of the portfolio through effective planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
  • To provide overall strategic direction to the portfolio and its management team, to meet or exceed relevant performance targets.
  • Development of annual business strategies with measurable implementation plans, which outline key strategic objectives to meet or exceed performance targets.
  • Development of a three to five year strategy that focusses on overall business sustainability, considering relevant market factors.
  • Evaluate and review risk plans for discussion at monthly board meetings
  • Ongoing analysis considering external and internal factors that may offer opportunity or increase risk, putting suitable plans in place to leverage opportunities or mitigate risk factors.
  • Develop appropriate strategies & risk plans for key suppliers to nurture and maintain long-term relationships that encompass all necessary activities including but not limited to supplier analysis, supplier contract negotiation & management, supplier visits and innovation.
  • Proactively seek out companies that are suitable acquisitions for the Group, that will serve as profit generating assets and will contribute to the overall group strategy.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Drive the portfolio to meet or exceed financial targets for net profit as specified by the annual budget.Develop annual budgets for turnover, gross profit and unit sales that have been devised through utilizing historical data and a “bottom up” strategy to ensure all relevant factors have been considered
  • Appropriate monthly management, analysis and reporting on performance to annual budget & previous year’s figure
  • Carefully manage and maintain working capital to either meet or exceed targets as specified by the annual budget, enforcing compliance to the prescribed stock holding policy and to ensure maximum return on investment with efficient use of company capital

Sales & Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Ongoing development & review of marketing and sales strategies, to ensure that the portfolio will remain relevant and dominant within each respective target market. This strategy must include a digital platform plan.
  • Ongoing analysis of the structure and effectiveness of the sales and marketing divisions to ensure that the portfolio will remain customer centric and is able to deliver exceptional service
  • Facilitate the review & analysis of the portfolio’s value proposition, with ongoing consideration to competitor activity and offerings, to ensure that the portfolio remains relevant and sustainable in the long term.
  • Continuously run targeted campaigns to identify opportunities for increased market share on current product lines. This activity should include suitable competitor analysis regarding pricing, range and quality of parts and must explicitly avoid anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Development & implementation of robust and measurable new part number and product line plans, to ensure that risks associated with mature life cycle products are mitigated
  • Continuously facilitate the analysis of customer purchases to identify strategic accounts that require special attention. Plans to be put in place to address needs to foster relationships or stimulate sales
  • Ensure that obsolete stock is given the required attention to ensure stock will be reduced as far as possible

Operational Efficiency: 

  • Ongoing review and assessment of the overall portfolio structure to ensure that it is optimally organized.
  • Devise & institute necessary policies, processes and systems to facilitate effective productivity and efficiency.
  • Continuous review and assessment of all processes and systems, through fail point analysis sessions, to ensure that wherever possible all non-value adding activities and errors are eradicated.

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